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What We Do

Our goal is to find the root cause of your health problems.

Dr. Sanders' Approach to Healthcare

At Sanders Chiropractic, we take a unique approach to healthcare. Instead of treating symptoms, we identify the underlying cause of your pain and health problems and correct it.

The human body is self healing and self regulating. It heals cuts and bruises and regulates breathing and heart function, all without you even thinking about it! The nervous system plays a critical role in the way your body regulates and heals itself. We might call it the "master regulator" of the body. Logically then, if your nervous system is interfered with, your body cannot properly heal and regulate itself, which can result in pain, inflammation and a variety of health issues. This is where atlas orthogonal and spinal decompression come in.  

Our Treatment Options

We are dedicated to identifying and diagnosing any interference in your nervous system. By doing so, we can correct the root cause of numerous health issues, such as headaches and migraines, neck and back pain, vertigo, sciatica, digestive issues, fatigue, ear infections, arthritis and brain fog, just to mention a few. How do we correct these issues?

Atlas Orthogonal. Atlas orthogonal is an upper cervical chiropractic technique that is completely painless and highly effective. When your atlas (C1 vertebra) is out of alignment it can put pressure on, pinch or otherwise interfere with the flow of your nervous system. We use your individual measurements and precisely calculated sound waves to gently push the atlas back into alignment, allowing your nervous system to flow freely and effectively heal and regulate your body. For more details on how the atlas orthogonal technique works, please see the "Atlas Orthogonal" page under the "Services" tab.

Spinal Decompression. Spinal decompression therapy is a traction based procedure designed to alleviate back and neck pain without the use of drugs, medications or surgery. It too is gentle and painless. It is a proactive treatment that is highly effective for anyone who has been diagnosed with bulging or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis or sciatica. It has also provided relief for patients with severe neck and back pain or those who experience tingling and numbness in their arms, legs, hands and feet. For more information on how this therapy works, please see the "Spinal Decompression" page under the "Services" tab.  

The following articles will provide you with further information about our services, techniques and approach:

If you have any questions at all about our services or techniques, feel free to give our office a call. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and set you up with a free consultation if you desire.


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