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Sanders Chiropractic is Helping Jacksonville Residents Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Finding a compassionate and knowledgeable health care provider these days is harder than ever. Most people have experienced the frustration of visiting a medical doctor or specialist with a health challenge that is severely affecting their quality of life only to be told, "I'm not sure what's wrong, but take this medication daily and we'll see what happens," or worse yet, "Nothing is showing up on the tests, so you must be fine." 

Dr. Kim Sanders of our very own Sanders Chiropractic says, "The problem is, we need to stop treating symptoms and start correcting the underlying cause of our health problems." Dr. Sanders opened the doors of his practice right here in Jacksonville in 2011. Since then, patients have been coming from as far as Canada to get treated with the atlas orthogonal technique - a gentle and painless chiropractic adjustment that brings patients' spines into alignment and allows their nervous system to flow freely. What makes this technique so effective?

How Atlas Orthogonal Works

The atlas in "atlas orthogonal" refers to your C1 vertebra, the first bone in your spinal column and the one your skull rests on. If this tiny bone gets out of alignment, it affects the entire length of your spine. When your atlas is no longer centered above your feet, it causes your head to tilt and the spine to shift in an attempt to support the head in its new position. This puts undue stress and strain on your muscles, causing tension and pain. 

Worse yet, misalignment of the spine often results in pinched and inflamed branches of your nervous system, which can have far reaching consequences for your health. The spinal column is a tunnel of interlocking vertebrae that protect the spinal cord. Spaces between each vertebra allow nerves (extensions of the spinal cord) to supply and connect every part of the human body. However, if the spine becomes misaligned and the space between two vertebrae becomes reduced, problems arise. Pressure on the nerve traveling through the reduced space can cause inflammation and compromise its function, which in turn compromises the body function or organ that said nerve supplies. Depending on where the misalignment of your spine occurs, you could experience symptoms such as pain in your neck and back, sciatica, tingling and numbness, headaches or migraines, digestive problems, asthma, kidney conditions and many other issues that might not at first glance appear to be related to a “back problem.” 

Dr. Sanders says, "The human body is self healing and self regulating. Without a conscious thought from us, it heals cuts and bruises and regulates important bodily functions, such as breathing and heart function. How does it do it? By means of the body's amazing nervous system. We might call the nervous system the body's "master regulator." Logically then, if your nervous system is interfered with, brain and body communication becomes disrupted and as a result, your body cannot properly heal and regulate itself. The result is pain, inflammation and a variety of health issues. That's where atlas orthogonal comes in. By bringing the spine back into alignment, the nervous system can begin to flow freely again. This restores the body's natural ability to regain and maintain optimal health without the use of drugs or painkillers and their harmful side effects."

Best of all, atlas orthogonal is completely painless and doesn't involve the popping, twisting and cracking techniques most of us associate with traditional chiropractic care. Dr. Sanders explains, "First, digital imaging tells us the degree of your misalignment. Using your measurements and precise calculations based on the principles of percussion force, we program an adjusting instrument to send an energy wave with just the right amount of force through the tip. You won't feel the force, but it pushes the atlas back into alignment, just like that. And once your atlas is back in place, your spine straightens up and your nervous system can get back to work, healing your body naturally."

Dr. Sanders' patients have found relief from health issues ranging from general back and neck pain to more chronic health problems, such as vertigo, migraines and even fibromyalgia. In addition, Dr. Sanders offers spinal decompression treatments to treat serious disc issues, which have helped many of his patients avoid undergoing risky back surgeries and taking powerful pain medications.

A Local Success Story

One Jacksonville resident, Brenda Tucker, has seen impressive results after being adjusted with the atlas orthogonal technique. In 1999, Mrs. Tucker was diagnosed by two separate medical doctors with fibromyalgia. As her condition worsened, she was forced to stop working. Eventually, she developed severe chronic back and leg pain. Besides the pain, Mrs. Tucker's leg began to literally wither. It appeared emaciated, lost muscle mass and became very weak. Use of her leg became limited and her lower back was compromised, making even sitting up straight a challenge. 

At that point, Mrs. Tucker decided to see a traditional chiropractor. After two months of twice a week visits, her condition had not improved and in fact, continued to worsen. Her chiropractor told her he couldn't be sure what was wrong. He recommended she see a neurosurgeon.

Later, a relative recommended Mrs. Tucker visit a chiropractic practice that employs the atlas orthogonal technique where Dr. Sanders was working at the time. She relates, "On the first visit, the doctors explained to me the science of atlas orthogonal and told me it would change my life - and they were right. With that very first adjustment, my back and leg pain instantly went away. I started sobbing right then and there because I had not been without pain for so many years. I had gotten to the point where not even two 800mg Ibuprofen couldn't take away the pain. The relief I experienced was close to miraculous. 

"I had been so far out of alignment that the process of coming back into alignment took a few years. As my skeletal structure shifted and came back into place, I did feel some fatigue and achiness, but the severe pain was gone, as were my fibromyalgia symptoms, and the time I spent bringing my body back to wellness was well worth the effort."

For the past 13 years, Mrs. Tucker has continued to get atlas orthogonal adjustments and the results have been wonderful. She says, "Since I began getting adjusted, I can walk around freely, I am not wheelchair bound as some medical professionals imagined I would be, I have had no back or leg pain, I regained full use of my leg and I have had zero symptoms of fibromyalgia. When my life is relatively stress free, monthly visits keep my atlas aligned. I do need more adjustments than most, probably due to an early age injury, but maintenance alignments are worth it because they tremendously improve my health and my quality of life."

With only about 200 doctors in the world who are certified in the atlas orthogonal technique, we are lucky to have Dr. Sanders right here in the River City. Dr. Sanders is currently accepting new patients and offers free consultations to anyone who would like to learn more about how the atlas orthogonal technique can help them reach and maintain optimal health.

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