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Chiropractic and Diet: The Dynamic Duo for Reaching Optimal Health

One of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor regularly is that they are trained to look at the "big picture" of your health. While regular chiropractic adjustments can have a tremendously positive impact on your health, if you want to reach optimal health, your chiropractor is sure to make you aware that eating a clean and nutritious diet should also be high on your list of priorities. Think about it this way: If you get regular adjustments, but your diet includes loads of toxic or inflammatory food items, you won't reap the full benefits from your adjustments and what's the point of that? But just how can you put the dynamic duo of chiropractic care and healthy diet into practice in your life? The following suggestions should help.  

Diet and Chiropractic as Anti-Inflammatory Measures

Chiropractic adjustments can help your spine align and your nervous system flow as it should allowing the body to heal itself naturally. This can drastically reduce the pain and tension you feel in your head, neck, shoulders, back and legs. But if you want to see some truly dramatic results (especially if you suffer from chronic pain), add an anti-inflammatory diet to your daily routine. How? Start by reducing or eliminating foods that cause inflammation. These include sugars, flour, excess animal protein and processed foods. Then, add foods with anti-inflammatory properties, such as:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Animal protein in moderate quantities that is free-range, organic, grass-fed and wild-caught.
  • Essential fatty acids. Think avocados and coconut oil.
  • Whole grains, as long as you aren't sensitive to gluten.
  • Fiber, fiber, fiber! Legumes, nuts and of course, fruits and veggies. (Worth mentioning twice!)

Yes, changing your diet and quitting the Standard American Diet (SAD) is challenging, but the energy and vitality you will feel is well worth the effort!

Diet and Chiropractic to Eliminate Toxins

Regular chiropractic adjustments will keep you in alignment and aid your body in eliminating toxins. To reach optimal health though, you should make sure you aren't adding more toxins to your body in the first place. What could be upping the toxic load your body has to deal with? Some toxin-containing foods are: non-organic fruits and vegetables, processed foods, genetically altered foods, sodas, tap water, grilled foods, or anything with preservatives, additives, dyes, or sweeteners. If you consume large amounts of these toxic foods, you could be sabotaging all the good effects you get from your chiropractic adjustments. Do your best to reduce or, ideally, eliminate these foods to help your body keep the toxins at bay.

Since we all experience at least some exposure to toxins, be they internal or external, it is also wise to do periodic cleanses. You can learn more about purifying your body with detoxifying cleanses by reading this article.

As you can see, chiropractic care together with a healthy diet are both important aspects of reaching optimal health. Fortunately, both are reachable health goals we all can achieve.  

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