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What We Do

At Sanders Chiropractic we will approach your health much differently than your have experienced in the past. Dr. Sanders main focus is not to simply treat the symptoms but instead, to find the underlying cause of your pain and health problems. By doing this, you will not only feel much better but you will have a longer life. Your quality of life will improve as well. We promise not to waste your time and hard earned money. The two most important things here are your health and our reputation, neither are taken lightly. If Dr. Sanders can truly help you and accepts your case, then he will meet and exceed your expectations. If he decides that he cannot help you, we will do our best to find someone that can.

Dr. Sanders' Health Philosophy

The human body is designed to function at an optimum level and be in a state of optimum health at all times. The power that made the body heals the body. Your body is self healing and self regulating. An example of self healing would be when you cut your finger - your body heals it without you even thinking about it! Your heart beating on its own is an example of self regulation. You are born with an innate intelligence that does all this with you even thinking of it.

The nervous system is the master regulator of your body, nothing happens without your nervous system controlling it. If your nervous system is interfered with and not functioning at an optimum state as it is designed to, then it is impossible for your body to heal and regulate itself. When this happens, you aren't as healthy as you could be and your health and quality of life begin to suffer. Because of this, you may experience pain, inflammation, and numerous health problems. After all, your nervous system is responsible for your whole body. Fortunately, there is help!

What Dr. Sanders Can Do For You

Dr. Sanders is dedicated to finding, diagnosing and correcting these issues. It isn't good enough to treat the symptoms. Instead,we need to find the real cause of your health problems. Dr. Sanders does this by analyzing your body and spine for stress patterns. Stress patterns come in 3 forms:

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Mental/Emotional

As a result of our crazy lives, today we are all under multiple types of stress. So, how does this affect your health? Stress causes tension patterns in the muscles of your back and spine. This tension builds up and eventually begins to pull your spine out of its normal alignment. Your body is much like a car, it works better in alignment. Misalignment leads to pain, inflammation and pressure on the spinal joints, discs and nerve fibers. Your body then begins to compensate, degenerate and slowly become more unhealthy, similar to driving a car out of alignment for a long time. It only gets worse if not corrected. Once Dr. Sanders identifies these stress patterns, he then prescribes a customized treatment plan to fix the cause of the problem. The result? You can obtain and maintain optimum health and wellness to live a longer, better quality life! All this is done naturally without drugs that have side effects and irreversible surgeries!

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